kelly mcdonald
Experience across multiple design platforms and a passion for problem-solving may be at the heart of Kelly McDonald’s talent for real estate — but there’s much, much more. Kelly also knows architecture.

Since 1993, she and her artist-designer-builder husband have shown a knack for identifying and restoring under-valued properties. Dozens of their friends and clients have enjoyed the fruits of those labors. In 2005, they discovered a cluster of forgotten mid-century mods designed by world-renowned architect Edward Hawkins, and once again brought them back to life.

Kelly has also worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, been an apprentice gilder, a painter of 17th and 18th century European furniture, and has worked alongside some of the biggest names in antiques and interior design. She even ran her own atelier in San Francisco, where she was commissioned to deliver work for the Sultan of Brunei. Yes, really.




m: 303-718-3876.

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